Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Perfect Fit

I got this really cute idea from Skip To My Lou. Free shoe template! These are my experiments so far. I am thinking doing a different one for Halloween time, but they make great birthday goodie 2 "shoes"!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clean & Stamp at the same time I think so!

My final stamp night for the season with our Stampin Up Demo. She saved the best for last we made these beautiful cards with bleach. That's right who knew you could clean and stamp at the same time LOL! You just add bleach to a paper towel and walla that is your stamp pad. After you stamp don't forget to rinse your stamps so the bleach doesn't ruin them. It actually helps clean them to. I love this card! Soooo pretty.....

Creamsicle Days Of Summer

It took a while to put these together even though I started way before the Staff Appreciation Day. Why so long? Well I ran out of tape and ribbon and of course they had to have ribbon it's like icing on a cake LOL. Here they are all 100 of them, they look so cool I should store them in the freezer YUM! (Again these are not my own creation but from some fabulous people on splitcoast stampers I just borrowed the idea.)