Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goodie Bags = FUN

No party is complete without goodies :).  I found some cute little white boxes at our local dollar store.  We used Stampin Up punches, ink, and my secret tool the cricut for the balloons.  The balloons were cut on paper that has a sticky back making them perfect because of the strings being so delicate.

Rachel's Lego Bowling Party

My daughter turned 9! She really wanted something different and decided on a Lego Bowling Party.  My middle daughter drew the lego people bowling and Rachel colored each one different.  We added a bowling ball and pin for that extra pizazz.  They were really fun to make best of all the bowling ball was made from circle punches :).

Oh Baby!

A friend of mine at work had a baby shower. She wants the baby to be a surprise! I found it very hard to find the perfect colors to use as I am so use to doing blue or pink LOL. The cute booties have real ribbon in the shoe laces and were too cute to pass up.

Of course they are from Michael's. :)