Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter Fun

I realize winter is over but alas I have another cute picture I didn't want to loose. :) I made these for the gals at my work at Christmas time. The cute little buckets I got - you guessed it on clearance at Target. They were in the wedding section, I added foam circles and carrot nose, along with rub on snowflakes for cheeks from Michael's. The Snowman Soup poem was borrowed from a creative person on the web, and so was the cup template. These were also a big hit at our school to help raise funds at our annual Santa Workshop. I used gold and blue ink with a swirl acrylic stamp from Michael's.

Here are 2 card samples I made using my early Christmas Present the wow, mouth dropping, eyes popping out of my head CRICUT MACHINE. Not just any Cricut machine the new fancy bells and whistles Expression machine. I was totally caught of guard and wanted this bad! My wish list to Santa must have went express North Pole mail as I never in my dreams thought I would get this as a gift! I am one happy and blessed gal.