Sunday, March 10, 2013

Indoor Camping Birthday Party

With a little bit of imagination and some ol'fashion fun you can have a fun filled birthday at home.  We've done the pizza place parties ect... and the kids had fun but they didn't do activities that really got them to interact.  I remember as a kid making forts out of sheets and furniture.  And like mother like daughter, mine came up with the idea for a sleepover style.  So for my daughters 11th birthday we had an indoor camping party! Including the lake (above ground pool) Campfire (portable camping stove) and a tent (made from 5-6 queen size sheets and the entire living room).  The only thing different was we set it up so they would have the t.v. as there theater.

Cricut cut out of a tent and campfire.
We used the couches, and 5 queen sheets, and strong twine cords to hold up the camp. It was easy to clean up as well. :)

No camping party is complete without SMORES :)

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