Friday, June 25, 2010

Cinco De Mayo - Cards Cricut Style (5th of May)

This year our Staff Appreciation Day fell on Cinco De Mayo (5th of May) and of course we had to have a Fiesta!!! So I went straight to my Cricut and Wild Card cartridge to make some special cards. Our mascot is a Lobo which translated means Wolf. I looked to my all TIME FAVORITE bakery - Baker Wee to help with a delicious treat to show our appreciation for the long hours and hard work the staff puts in all year. They created 100 beautiful cookies airbrushed sparkly orange (our school colors) and added a paw print! They tasted as good as they looked!!! Here is our finished creation. Hope you enjoy it. :)

If you click on the card you can see we used paw prints to tie in our mascot and cookies. :)
Upon closer look you maybe able to see the airbrushed orange cookies sparkle.

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